Saejin Choi

Choi Saejin


A graduate of Glasgow School of Art (2013) and Kookmin university, Seoul ( 2010) Choi Saejin bases himself between his home city of Seoul and Budapest Hungary. Working in a miscellaneous of media including instillation, print making and video performance, he seeks to re-contextualise the global economy into a more socially acceptable context. Known for locally engaged projects and performance based participation Choi has more recently began to use colourful alcoholic beverages (cocktails) as interactive metaphors for economic events and personalised portraits.

Seeing whisky as an extract of nature and acknowledging that distillers have dedicated decades to extract the various palates of the flora and fauna into their spirit the artist feels that a mouthful of whisky swirling on tongue arouses the memory of the natural environment of its origin. In this sense, drinking whisky is an intimate experience of feeling nature, which in the case of Glenfiddich interprets the beauty of Speyside through profound distillation philosophies and numerous experiments. Thus, Glenfiddich distillery is the spectrum embracing diverse colours of Scottish whiskies and the Speyside landscape.