Agi Chen3

Agi Chen


Agi Chen was born in 1980. She is now studying the Doctoral Program in the Art Creation and Theory Department of Tainan National University of the Arts, and is based in Taipei.

Her work “Powder Puff Girls' Wednesday” was awarded the First Prize in the Taipei Arts Awards in 2005. She has joined different international AIR projects throughout the world including the Grant of Asian Cultural Council for ARCUS Project in Japan, British Council for the AIR Project at Loughborough University, and Osaka City University Urban Research Plaza for AIR program “Platr” in Phuket Thailand. Agi has experience exhibiting in Taiwan and overseas.

As an artist and a consumer of public culture, Agi creates a range of contemporary works with modern significance through reversing the colors of animations to reveal the public culture and to remind the visual collective memories.

‘Until now, the reason that most references of cartoons in my series of works are from Japan and the U.S.A, is because all cartoons and comics in Taiwan are imported from these two countries. Through working between Japanese and American cartoons, I not only found different preferences, distributions and structures of colours, but also found similar usage in colours since I started to build up the family tree by decades.

During my stay in Glenfiddich, I would like to explore the colours of cartoons and comics in Scotland. On the one hand I’d like to develop the family tree of colours in Scottish cartoons which I rarely seen in Taiwan; and on the other hand, I expect to find out any relational usage to my original research in Taiwan. In producing this art, I try to make colours bring a kind of communicative memory to audience.’

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