Lin Kun YingLR

Lin Kun-Ying


A Bachelor in Applied Art & Applied Art Music, Fu-Jen University, Taiwan and a MFA graduate from Taipei National University of Arts, Lin Kun-Ying’s creative concept directly addresses ideas of Utopia. Using composite video installation his observations of daily life are consolidated and analyzed on multiple levels into simplified logic, and then transformed into a comprehensive sensation of serenity through an unfettered use of media and techniques. The philosophical characteristics in his work are quite powerful, and often reveal an overture that is enveloped in prosaic frustrations. When confronted with a familiar scene the artist confesses that he will always seek out the strange and revel in the unfamiliar, because for him, this imparts a sensation of reality. In that instant, unfamiliarity induces a moment of honesty that belongs to the self. Too much contemplation means everything becomes familiar. The rare intrusion of something unknown is mesmerizing to Kun-Ying. Yet, the moment that the unfamiliar descends is unexpectedly peaceful and enduring.

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