Fran Rokhlin

Fran Rokhlin


Fran Rokhilm is a painter-printmaker based in Edinburgh, and works mainly in Egg Tempera, pen and ink, Lithography and woodcut. Whether attributed to Alan Moore or Picasso, she has always found the best definition of art to be ‘lies that tell the truth’. With this in mind she makes figurative art that more accurately represents the subjective truth of human experience through its ‘un-realism’ and thereby entices the viewer to re-examine their own realities. 

Her current obsessions include but are not limited to: Folding paper peepshows, the 1970s BBC adaptation of Colditz, brutalist suburban architecture and Japanese Mokuhanga prints, the last of which she recently encountered while in Kyoto as part of the William-Littlejohn Award. 

Fran is excited and honoured to have the chance to work at Glenfiddich over the coming summer, and looks forward to developing her body of work. 

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