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Elyse de Valle


Elyse de Valle is an emerging artist based in Melbourne who utilises materials and site to express the conceptual concerns of her practice. De Valle’s work explores little known narratives that permit her contemplation of creative labour, memories, loss and experience. It is often a pursuit to trace and respond to social history, reflecting on how memory is encoded directly and indirectly within the built form.

Her work contemplates monuments and memorials as acting as a timeless link personally and universally to memory and history. Living in a visual culture we no longer represent ideas, feelings, thoughts and experiences primarily through oral and written means. Rather, multi-modal ways of representing human experience are now commonplace.

“Any act of making I do provides me with a way to focus thoughts, at Glenfiddich I will progress to researching in ways that engage with the community of Dufftown; reviewing any accessible Glenfiddich archive material and the archives that may be discovered by way of conversation, and storytelling from the Dufftown community."

Elyse de Valle completed a Bachelor of Fine Art with First Class Honours in 2012 and a Masters of Fine Art in 2015 at Monash University. She worked primarily in archiving and exhibitions the National Gallery of Victoria and currently works in the same fields at Museums Victoria and from her studio at Artery Cooperative in Melbourne, Victoria. De Valle has held numerous solo and group shows around Melbourne, her 2017 solo show, titled The frames that remain, was exhibited at Bus Projects, Melbourne, Victoria. De Valle was invited to exhibit in the group show Unproductive Thinking, She has undertaken residencies in San Francisco, USA and in Carrara and Noepoli, Italy.

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