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Linh Do


Linh Do is a self-taught visual artist currently living and working in Los Angeles. Her two driving passions are fine Scotch whisky and creating art. With a background in the bar industry Do has made the transition to full time artist over the past few years. She is comfortable to express her creativity across a number of media from drawing and painting to textile design. She is interested in examining concepts of luxury at both micro and macro levels.

I am fascinated by the tension and elasticity in the human condition between the hard and soft. Whisky imbues that spirit; it is high in proof and can be quite bold compared to other beverages like wine, but at the same time when I’m tapping into my childhood enthusiasm I am able to make references to confectionary notes like toffee and chocolate. Much of my work is influenced by the representation of this binary opposition in 20th century literature, which I extrapolate into the physical realm. Whisky has always been at the center of my art in both subject matter and spirit for the way it teaches me to understand people’s point of view from various backgrounds. It is through art that I am able to listen to people’s hearts with compassion.

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