The Glenfiddich Father's Day Whisky Gift Guide

13 June 2016

While you may not be a whisky expert, few people know your father better than you. You know what makes him think, what he does in his spare time, and what matters to him most. Just as no two fathers are the same, no two people enjoy their single malt in the same way – which can make finding the perfect gift for Father’s Day difficult. 

Here at Glenfiddich, we know a thing or two about family values. We’ve been family run since day one, so when given the chance to celebrate one of our own we seize the opportunity. No matter how you choose to celebrate Father’s Day, we know how important it is to find the right gift. Your gift is an opportunity to recognise everything he does for you, so to ensure that happens we’ve written this guide to help you navigate our whisky range.


12 year old

Because he appreciates quality when he sees it

For the father who knows what he likes and sticks to it. He’s the kind of man who likes to do things properly, and more often than not, will roll up his sleeves to just get the job done.  

His approachable nature matches that of our 12 Year Old single malt whisky. It sits at the core of our range, and is the world’s most awarded single malt scotch. Boasting sweet, subtle notes of pear and oak, it’s a quintessential example of the Speyside style. It’s highly regarded throughout the valley, so will satisfy everyone from whisky novices to seasoned sippers.


15 Year Old

Because he’s always been the adventurous one

For the father who has a curious mind, always exploring, researching and experimenting with something new. A ‘fixer’ of sorts who loves a side project, his favourite place is his ‘man shed’. His pioneering spirit informs all that he does, similar to the inspired way our 15 Year Old single malt whisky is created. 

Using a technique pioneered by our Malt Master, Brian Kinsman, we finish this expression in a Solera Vat inspired by the sherry bodegas of Spain and Portugal. The result is a whisky that is satisfyingly rich with lingering sweetness, tasting of sherry oak, marzipan and ginger. Flavours such as this make it smooth, sweet and absolutely delicious – so if your father has been known to have a bit more of a sweet tooth, this is the ideal whisky gift for him.

18 Year Old

Because he appreciates the finer things in life

For the father with elegant taste – a man who holds his own in any situation, is self assured, effortlessly stylish and has a taste for life’s luxuries. Renowned for its luxurious, silky finish, our 18 Year Old single malt scotch is a modern take on tradition. Produced in small batches, our process is informed by knowledge passed down through generations. The result is a favourite of many – a delicately crafted, full-bodied dram to delight in. 

Remarkably rich and luxurious, complex layers of dried fruit, candy peel and elegant oak are apparent in this dram. It’s an extremely versatile whisky to pair food with, but if your father typically prefers rich, savoury flavours such as beef or smoked fish, the slight sweetness of this expression will complement it well. 

No matter which Glenfiddich expression you choose to give your dad this Father’s Day, for the best result we recommend enjoying it in the company of those you love. A good whisky can make any occasion more special, so whatever makes the day precious to you and your family, we’re looking forward to being part of it.

Naturally, if you have any questions or additions of your own feel free to get in touch on Facebook, Twitter or Instagram.