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Mao Yan

People's Republic of China

"Wherever I go I can make friends with some nice people; that might be the strong point in my nature."

Born Xiangtan of Hunan province in 1968. Mao Yan graduated in 1991 from the Second Studio in Department of Oil Painting of Central Academy of Fine Arts Beijing, he has taught in the oil painting department of Nanjing Arts Institute and lives there till today. Nanjing and friends are of particular importance to him. From the 1990s he has concentrated his work through the creation of a series of portrait paintings modelled on friends around him. His works are often very light coloured, like pencil sketches and show the human figure in almost psychological dimensions, with elongated heads, sometimes portrayed as if the artist is lying on the ground. Recognised as one of the most influential artists in contemporary China, Mao’s works have been widely exhibited across China, North America and Europe.

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