Tim Ellis


"Using appropriate craft skills and emulating materials and objects particular to the area I would envisage building a collection of objects that appear as ready-mades. The end product would be specific to the locality, weaving historical fact and invention, and allowing the viewer to be invited to engage with notions of symbolism, artefact and artifice specific."

Born 1981, Tim Ellis studied at Liverpool John Moores before attending the Royal Academy, London for his post graduate degree in 2009. Since, Ellis has shown work in a number of exhibitions including: 'Newspeak - British Art Now Part 1,' Saatchi Gallery London 2010 and 'Sons of Pioneers' Furini Contemporary, Rome, 2011. Ellis centers his work on the idea 'That a Being has a primeval desire to want to belong to something greater than oneself'. He is interested in the 'want to belong' manifesting itself in both the production and consumption of art and craft objects. 'Whether in isolation or as a collection, art and craft objects are dependent on a creator, mediator and audience. As a consequence they inherit their aspirations, values and intentions.' Ellis conducts in-depth research into cultural products, how they are made, used and displayed. Sometimes using found objects and other times abstracting from pre-existing designs, these are transformed to form totemic sculptures and paintings. The material decisions and finishing given to the objects suggest a utility, beyond that of their original function.

The relative remoteness here at Glenfiddich, in comparison to his current base in London, offers interesting ideas surrounding his artistic practice.