A Glenfiddich Guide to Rio de Janeiro

17 June 2014

Because Brazil is hosting the World Cup this month, it’s one of this year’s truly global hotspots and hundreds of thousands of people from all around the world are expected to visit this beautiful city over the coming weeks. So, we asked our Glenfiddich Brand Ambassador for Brazil, Christiano Protti, to put together a guide to some of the top gastronomic venues and whisky bars in one of the host cities, Rio de Janeiro.

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Home To Glenfiddich: Part 7

18 May 2014

A Family Tree

by Joel Harrison

As a writer, I am enthralled by narrative. The journey for any reader should be one of discovery, of adventure and of learning.

Over the past two months, I have been on a journey of discovery to see exactly how the whisky in a bottle of Glenfiddich single malt Scotch is produced. Parts of this journey I have been on before, but looking at the individual aspect of exactly how a cask is produced, from the branch to the barrel has been an utterly beguiling experience.

Glencairn glass in Warehouse 8

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Keeping it in the Family

6 May 2014

By Jamie Milne, UK Brand Ambassador

As many of you will know, on Christmas Day 2012, Glenfiddich celebrated an anniversary - 125 years to the day since the first spirit ran from the stills at the distillery, when William Grant and his family saw their dream become a reality. His descendants still own and manage our Distillery today.

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Home To Glenfiddich: Part 6

9 April 2014

Liquid History

by Joel Harrison

The process of combining three natural ingredients - barley, water and yeast – a generous helping of time and an oak cask to create a golden whisky, is the closest thing I have ever experienced to alchemy.

It is this magical process which was used by William Grant when he opened Glenfiddich distillery on Christmas Day 1887 and the one still employed at the distillery today. 

Using a "Copper Dog" to test the liquid

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