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Isidora Correa


Isidora Correa’s visual research has been framed mainly in the scope of the object as an element of cultural and social representation.  Her interest lies in the codes that construct our everyday spaces, which to a certain degree are invisible for their proximity, but nevertheless define social structures and cultural cleavages. Her artistic production has developed through contemporary practices that update and redefine the visual systems of drawing, sculpture and photography, where the aspects of circulation and context are highly significant.  Through the process of collecting, cutting and assembling objects, Isidora’s work reflects on the lines of mass production, consumption and waste, associated to the market and the economic system. An important part of this development has focused on the dematerialization of objects.  By reducing their volumes through cuts, she turns them into graphic lines of material, to be presented in installations that parody exhibition systems and displays of goods related to emptiness and consuming.  In these installations I have used a great variety of objects, in an interest on materials economy related to their use and value. Her latest visual research is based upon the assembly and combinatorial of industrial and handicraft objects, and its relationship to the local and global production and distribution.  By joining together dissimilar objects she seeks to contrast their roles and materiality, creating new interrelationships through blend.  With this integration, she is interested in inquiring about the capacity of absorption, retention and disappearance of these objects and their representing identity, as a result of their crossings and meetings.

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