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Tania Candiani


The research processes of Tania Candiani take as starting point language, text, the political implications of the domestic, and of what is public and private. Her translation strategies and practices amongst systems –linguistic, visual, phonic- generate equivalences and associations, where there is a constant nostalgia for the obsolete that makes us consider the discursive content of artifacts and projections of future derived from the past. In this quest, Tania has formed interdisciplinary work teams that contribute from their diverse knowledge fields and specific skill sets to archive poetic intersections amongst art, design, architecture and science. A primary interest is the production of works in site-specific collaborations aiming towards an exploration of language as everyday knowledge, and the revelation of urban rituals. Her creative processes continue linking with language, and tend progressively more towards the materiality of sound, the idea of the automata, the possibilities of mechanisms and a visceral experience with architecture. Tania Candiani was awarded a Guggenheim Fellowship in the Creative Arts category and grant awarded by the National System of Art Creators of the National Fund for Culture and the Arts of Mexico (FONCA). She recently received a Distinction Award in the Prix Ars Electronica.

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