Jin Feng

People's Republic of China

Born in 1967 in Shanghai, China, Jin specialises in digital media, photography, film and printwork. He has exhibited throughout the last decade in Shanghai, Hong Kong and the USA. Jin is planning to make a film based around mythology, as well as exploring the theme of people”s expectations about travel.

“Glenfiddich's landscape and friendly people gave me a deep impression. I was there able to find a peaceful state of mind to concentrate and think of the best way of using local resources in my creations. During these three months, I have been trying to think of the best adjective to qualify Glenfiddich, and I think that the best word is ‘magic”...” Jin Feng, September 08

“I would like to create a piece of work for the Glenfiddich gallery, which will evolve from a myth that I have created in which a giant who seeks to capture the sun (in truth, its reflection) in a large copper pot, returns that evening to find that it is gone and has been replaced by the moon. I would also like to explore the dream of travel – where people yearn to go, and what they might expect to find there.” Jin Feng, June 08

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