Chang Huei Ming


The eleventh artist to join our programme from Taiwan Chang Huei-Ming (b. 1984) had already begun to stand out while studying in Taipei National University of the Arts. In 2006, he entered its Graduate School of Art and Technology (now known as the Department of New Media Art) to continue his studies. During his schooling in 2009, he received the Taipei Arts Award, which is considered the most prestigious award for Taiwanese young artists. He became a budding young star in the art world. In 2010, he successfully completed his Master’s degree. Today he is forging ahead in his promising career.

'The main subject of my work is the investigation and experimentation of the relationship between mirrors, images, bodies, space and speed. Installing the high-speed motor on the objects is to revive the ignorant visual ability. Also the vibration and blur images caused by the high–speed motor urge me to think about how to represent the time and speed, the two characteristics of moving images. Different from the category of Kinetic Art in early days, the vibration I create are not trying to represent tempos, rhythms or movements. It is simplified to be the status of losing focus and also brings the extraordinary experience of time and speed. This kind of experience just from ordinary objects provide viewers more illusion.'

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