han seok hyun

Han Seok Hyun


Han Seok Hyun began his career winning the Grand Award at the 11th New-Frontier Award organized by Art Magazine 'Misulsegae'(Korea) in 2001. Graduated from Korean national University of Arts(MFA) and Hong Ik University(BFA) .Han has been exhibiting actively both locally and internationally. His solo exhibition in the US was in 2010, titled ‘Simply FRESH,’ at the Chicago-based Walsh Gallery and many group shows including 'Art Omi 2012 (Ghent, NY)', He also showed his work in Buk Seoul Museum of art, Gyeonggi Museum of Modern Art, Total Museum of Art in Korea. His work is recently invited from Museum of Fine Art(MFA) Boston in April 2016.

 '<Reverse-Rebirth> project is a plan for 100 years.

This work is a time based project and it changes its shape as time passes. It starts from a tree as timber being made into furniture which becomes trash to be recycled art work eventually creating the base of a new plant… one Big New Tree.

With this project, I hope to start a very special and never ending story. Theoretically it will become alive 100 years after. You can imagine a garden. It will slowly decay over 10 years. At the same time, it can make some small wild world though itself. Afterwards, there will be a beautiful and historical old tree.'

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