jeehee park

Jeehee Park


Over the past three years, Jeehee has developed a series of works about urban buildings, focusing on the related objects and their residents. One series of works (fruit battery series), the result of my research in the Elephant and Castle region in London, visualizes the issue of redevelopment and the relationship between modern cities and their citizens. She understands her subjects with a particular attitude, which is focusing on individual elements of the site and revealing the order within them through the use of basic scientific principles and experiments.

Jeehee studies their histories and incorporate these histories into visually arranging them. She doesn’t think that all objects are fixed and believes that users’ social and historical contexts can be included when an object is used in its originally intended direction. Context simplifies or hides the layers of the objects. Her work is meaningful in that it rearranges or reconstructs the context and order given to objects to demonstrate them. Recently, Jeehee has developed interest in food and Korean franchise restaurants, with a particular focus on reconstructing what the flow of goods and buildings in relevant fields show.

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