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Eom Yujeong

South Korea

Based in Seoul, South Korea, Eom Yujeong earned her B.F.A. in painting at Hongik University.

In her practice, which includes painting, drawing and videography Eom YuJeong observes and collects images of subjects with various time qualities in life. She is considering how to transfer various visual experiences of the surrounding into drawings and paintings.

Recently, she has been interested in the fragile and diverse nature and the specificities of each plant and objects. She searches for an organic form of nature that could be found around our lives. It reveals the inside of wanting to face the essence of the form for a certain moment.

Eom has presented her works at numerous solo shows and special exhibitions. At her solo exhibition Take It Easy, You Can Find It at Artist Run Space 413 in 2014, the artist presented the works she produced during a residency in Iceland. Recently Eom held Desert, Sloth, Bread, Human Things Like That at Gallery Factory. Publications of her work include White Mountain and Drawing A.

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