The Spirit of a Nation

In November 2013, #TeamGlenfdiddich made the journey to the South Pole in support of charity Walking With The Wounded. To help their cause, we created a Limited Edition single malt – Spirit of a Nation. Finished in a cask inscribed by well-wishers from around the UK, this incredibly rare expression was bottled before the team’s journey, allowing them to take a bottle to enjoy and another to auction for the charity.

An incredible journey

Team Glenfiddich


Walking With The Wounded is a charity that helps wounded servicemen and women lead extraordinary lives. Joined by Prince Harry and seasoned polar explorer Conrad Dickinson, #TeamGlenfiddich participated in the South Pole Allied Challenge, facing two teams of wounded soldiers in a 335km race to the South Pole.


As the teams arrived at their first checkpoint, conditions on the ground deteriorated and a decision was taken to abandon the race. But the brave teams were determined to reach their goal. All three teams joined together to complete their mission, reaching the South Pole together on Friday 13th December 2013, where they shared a dram.


Walking With The Wounded helps wounded servicemen and women overcome both physical and mental injuries and return to civilian life, helping them to find long-term employment following their military careers. In addition to supporting #TeamGlenfiddich, all the profits from the sale of Spirit of a Nation are donated to Walking With The Wounded.

An extraordinary whisky

The Cask

Inscribed with words of support from people around the UK, the cask was covered in handwritten tags containing the messages you sent.


Personally selected by our Malt Master, this special cask toured the UK, gathering messages of support from well-wishers around the country.

The cask then returned to Warehouse 8, where the whisky was finished for three months, absorbing the character of the cask.

As the whisky rested, each message we received was individually handwritten on special tags at our Distillery and added to the cask, allowing you to be a part of the Spirit of a Nation.

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The Whisky

Matured in a refill sherry cask for 29 Years, Spirit of a Nation was finished in an American Bourbon cask, giving it an extraordinary character.


Exclusive to the UK, this one-of-a-kind single malt was personally selected by our Malt Master from a refill sherry cask that was laid down on February 14th, 1984.

The liquid was chosen for its lovely, deep copper colour, its rich and oaky nose with dried fruits and spice, and its sweet vanilla taste with hints of cinnamon spice, beeswax and polished leather.

The Spirit of a Nation cask added soft, sweet notes to create a complex, rewarding and completely unique single malt.

Limited to just 250 bottles, 200 were distributed to specialist outlets at an RRP of £1000, with all proceeds going to support Walking With The Wounded.

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The Team

Spirit of a Nation is inspired by #TeamGlenfiddich, who journeyed to the South Pole to raise awareness for wounded servicemen and women.


Joined by Prince Harry and seasoned polar explorer Conrad Dickinson, four wounded servicemen and women who overcome life-changing injuries in the line of duty to make the epic journey to the South Pole in December 2013.

All four teammates had overcome the loss of at least one limb, making their ambition even more inspirational

The team tested the limits of their endurance, overcoming a gruelling selection process including several weeks training in Iceland, so they were ready to face temperatures of -35c and 100mph crosswinds on their way to the South Pole.

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Your messages of support

Read the messages of support below.

  • Wayne01
    I served myself, unharmed. So I really am inspired by those who weren't so lucky, but are still ready to grab life by the scruff and live it
    SUCCESS isn't just about what you accomplish in life,It's about what you INSPIRE others to do. GOOD LUCK TEAM GLENFIDDICH.
    Tim 03
    Make your nation proud. Good luck.
    May you enjoy your we dram what ever time and where ever you have it
  • Brian05
    Supporting the team in the same spirit as those brave souls risked their lives.All the best.
    May you go to the pole with joy in your soul.
    and return to dry land for that be your goal.
    Paul 07
    A family favourite for many years.
    Fight the good fight!
    Challenges are what make life interesting and overcoming them is what makes life meaningful.
  • Jeremy09
    As an ex-serviceman it really makes your heart glad to know there are those who will put themselves out for the injured servicemen.
    I know its cold but think of the whisky and that will keep you going.
    May God see you all home safe and a nation supports you. You are an icon of strength and admired by all.
    Come on Team Glenfiddich. No matter who wins or loses you can all look back on a wonderful achievement. Best of luck.
  • Brian13
    The sprit of life is in all of us, to live it to the full everyday with courage and strength and a wee dram.

    God speed.
    Wow what an act of courage and determination, I wish you good luck and good health and god speed, enjoy this lifetime experience!
    Good Luck
    Stay Save
    Keep Drinking
    Good luck from Brisbane and keep warm.
  • Dave17
    At least you'll have plenty ice :)

    Best of luck
    Your dedication and selflesness is an inspiraration to us all. Good luck and safe journey
    Good luck and thanks for giving me and others the strength to know there is always something we can achieve if we put our hearts into it.
    They offered their lives for us, the least we can do is offer support, love and encouragement to succeed xx
  • Rob21
    Good luck too all involved. I'm looking forwards to seeing your progress via social media!!
    Enjoy your awesome adventure! Cheers!!!
    Team Glen and the heroes of our time good luck in your adventure you make me feel proud to be British .
    You are "the spirit of our nation", so very proud of what you do for the good of others. You make me feel so patriotic!
    Amazing team! An inspiration to us all. Good Luck with the adventure of a lifetime and watch your special bits with the frosty winds!
  • Derek25
    Pour yourself a glass of Glenfiddich lean back and imagine you are in the Valley of deer
    Go Team Glenfiddich, you have the full support of a nation behind you!
    Good luck on your amazing expedition, inspire a nation. You deserve nothing less than rapturous applause.
    As a fellow Serviceman, good luck and well done Team Glenfiddich. Impressive stuff.
  • Allan29
    Be in good spirit all the way and good luck
    Good luck to all you brave souls - stay safe!
    An inspirational team, God speed and good luck, may the spirit of a nation be with you.
    "Human are amazing"

    Keep being amazing. It will be hard and mad and utterly worth it.
  • Richard33
    Such fantastic spirit from the guys to even attempt the journey and I'm sure they'll do fantastically for Britain.
    An inspiration.
    This brave journey will be the final step in your road to recovery.
    You are all true icons and wonderful role models!
    Give it your best - we can ask for no more than that - and good luck.
  • Joseph37
    Enjoy a dram of the beautiful “Spirit Of A Nation”, an honourable tonic on a courageous voyage supporting Walking With The Wounded.
    Fantastic support for our Servicemen, current and former. Enjoy the expedition and good luck!
    Wishes for a very special and truly memorable journey !! XXX
    From one ex soldier to another.

    Nemo me impune lacessit.

19th April 2013
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The team reply to your messages

  • Duncan Slater

    "Trekking to the South Pole is going to be an incredible journey but it wouldn't be possible without the support of our friends, families, teammates and sponsors. But we've been overwhelmed by the support from the public, people we don't know and have never met. They have been incredibly kind and we really feel like they'll be with us every step of the way"

  • Guy Disney

    "To read through the messages of support really justifies what we're doing - it's great knowing that we are raising awareness of the work that Walking With The Wounded does in getting wounded servicemen and women back into work and that people appreciate that"

  • Ibrar Ali

    "Whether it is when we have been at Walking With The Wounded events, touring the country with the Spirit of a Nation cask or just in the local shops, every time someone wishes us luck or says they're following our progress it gives me a real buzz. We're grateful for anyone who shows support and hope that people donate to the charity, too"

  • Kate Philp

    "Thanks from all the members of Team Glenfiddich to everyone who has sent us a message of support in the build-up to the South Pole expedition. It's a great feeling of comfort knowing that people are supportive of what we're doing and will be thinking of us while we are in Antarctica"