2 August 2014

It's August already, and late summer always brings changes. At Glenfiddich this saw the empty nest left after Joyce's recent departure being filled by this year's final resident, and the sixth to be selected from London's Royal Academy, Anna Hughes.

Anna, who has just completed her first year at the RA, picked a good weekend to arrive at Glenfiddich. In her first three days he was able to experience a ceilidh, the annual Dufftown Highland games and even managed to squeeze six whiskies before lunch thanks to a chance meeting with Ian Miller. Working in a number of media including painting, sculupture and installation, her residency project will take as its departure point the tradition of Japanese stone gardens and she plans to be working with local residents to create a lasting community work. In between the hectic Dufftown social calender she has started to collect objects that will form the basis of her work.

Speaking of social occasions, it has been a while since Rhonda's husband Richard got his balls out for everyone to play with. So with a new set to try out, last night saw the Canadian's host the first Glenfiddich international twilight croquette tournament and BBQ. it is much the same as standard croquette except it is played in fading light with an accompanying drizzle. It started out well enough until it got dark and the fine drizzle gave way to sustained torrental downpour - which required the BBQ to be sheltered under a table - stopped play.