9 May 2016



Following hard on the heels of Joan Ross, Glenfiddich is very pleased to welcome Lisa Almond whose journey to the north was not quite as lengthy as that of her Australian peer. Now based in Norwich Lisa has previously lived in Cornwall and Canada but this is her first stay in the Scottish Highlands.

Born in London and a graduate of Camberwell College of Art, her interest lies in the unique atmosphere and sense of place provided by new locations backed up by observing and documenting the constantly changing light and weather, allowing each work to convey some of the essence of the artist’s experience. Working exclusively in paint on canvas, often with a number of works underway at the same time, Lisa uses elements of collage to build atmospheric layers of texture into her evocative works.

Quickly adjusting to the slower pace of life in Dufftown compared to the bustle of Norwich, Lisa has wasted no time in already a starting on a number of new paintings, including collage using recycling water damaged copies of our residency catalogues.

Clearly the wide open spaces and spectacular skies of Dufftown are a great inspiration to Lisa, who when not slaving away in the studio can be found wandering* the Convalhills to the west of  the distillery or just lying for hours on her back watching the clouds roll past.

*Wandering as in not the romantic ‘as lonely as a cloud’ sense but more just hopelessly lost.