17 June 2016



June is the time of year that all our global brand ambassadors take time out of their busy schedules to congregate in Dufftown for their annual conference. This is a great opportunity for the ambassadors to rub shoulders, share their knowledge and pick up more information about Glenfiddich from craftsmen such as Dennis McBain to use once they are back in their respective markets


It’s not all noses to the grind stone though and there is always time for a bit of socialising and fun with the artists. This year despite the showers we held a BBQ up at the Robbie Dhu spring, where the single source of fresh spring water exclusively used to make the Glenfiddich single malt rises. With the old bothy up there having been specially cleared out for such occasions our entertainment for the evening was aptly provided by Spud the Piper who improvised Burns to provide an address to the burger.

With the food out of the way the musical baton was passed on to our very own Matthew Patterson who when not working in the Balvenie maltings can be found either driving a tractor, smoking a pipe or chasing sheep. However tonight his main duty was accordion player in chief providing some stirring tunes to get the feet moving