31 May 2015

Now that we are a few weeks in to this summer’s residency period the evolution of creativity is for some of the early arrivals well into the fermentation stage.  Initial reactions to the new environment experienced by the artists give birth to brew of thoughts and ideas which then have to be distilled down to their essence.

Su Chang has already started painting and forming his ideas for the sculptural works he plans to make while at Glenfiddich. So a quick trip was arranged to the yard of Glenfiddich employee Brian Grant.

A warehouseman for just a little over the past quarter century, Brian is responsible for carefully stowing casks of new made spirit and extracting mature casks for tipping.  And as well as working with wood through the day Brian is well known locally for his tree felling and fire wood business, making his yard the ideal shopping destination for Su.

After carefully looking over some of the timber available Su eventually plumped for a stout trunk of beech which Brain kindly trimmed off to size and delivered the next evening.

The trunk is now awaiting the next stage into its sculptural transformation which will involve use of a chainsaw and angle grinder.

Meanwhile Daniel’s artists journey is of a more solitary peaceful nature as he set off to walk the rail line (with special permission) between Dufftown and Keith allowing him to gather in his own time inspiration for the locations by the line that he will use to display his artwork.