Hans on experience

21 May 2014

Our newest resident Mr. Han Wonsuk has spent his first week here at Glenfiddich getting orientated and organised for the next three months. Fitting in well with his hi visibility foot ware he has already identified the black room in the back of the gallery as the ideal location for his planned sound and light installation…

Han Won Suk’s artistic practice crosses a number of different disciplinary boundaries. A graduate of the Chelsea College of Art and Design he is also a trained architect which is self evident in many of his large scale public installations.


As an architect, Han's primary interest in form and arrangement is translated into his art through sculpture and installation. Utilising abandoned or waste materials –such as old car headlamps, hi-fi speakers or discarded cigarette butts – he attempts to reconcile the consumption of mankind with a rebirth through abandonment. In this sense Han’s work lies between the boundary of dual structures such as waste and art, human and nature, civilization and environment, front and back.


It is however the duality of light and shadow that will be explored in his residency work. When he is not to be found soaking up the recent early summer Dufftown sunshine outside his cottage Han is likely to be in the black room, positioning and considering one of the special light/speaker units he brought with him from Korea.