23 August 2014

As one door closes another always opens. Might not be straight away though and in the case of turn round times between residency exhibitions at Glenfiddich it is around four and half days. With our first exhibition closing on Sunday 17th August there was a lot of work to do to prepare for the private view of the second one the following Friday.

First job was to construct a wooden crate strong enough to carry the cask end paintings by Joyce Ho back to Taiwan. But the main task of the week involved the installing of two plasma screens on which Suso33 would display his video works showcasing his Water Motion project

All hands were on deck for the preparations with Isidora joining in to prepare a table for the display of Collateral Border, 59 copper castings of objects randomly found around the grounds of the distillery. There was also a very long day followed by a late night for Chetnaa who had to mount and install the 51 drawings that comprised her work entitled Blanc et noir d’or.

However by Friday afternoon all was complete leaving only the drinks to be organised. On offer for this opening was a cocktail known simply as ‘An Honest Mistake’ a mix of 15 year old Glenfiddich, Cointreau, lemon juice and sugar syrup over ice topped up with lemonade and garnished with orange. Some of you might know this recipe as ‘An Auld Alliance’ however a slight miscalculation in quantities meant it was rather stronger than normal hence the new name.

Given the poor weather we were pleasantly surprised by the large turnout, numbers were again boosted with people who had attended the coin making workshop held by Rhonda and Trevor way back in May who arrived not only to collect their coins that had been on display in the first exhibition but also for the added attraction of heading along to Rhonda’s house after wards to make chocolate versions of their personalised coins.