8 August 2015


August is a busy time at Glenfiddich, not only is our visitor centre thronging with holiday makers and travellers from far afield, it is also socially busy  for the residency programme with artists families and friends all arriving for visits. One very welcome arrival was Suso33 who was in residence last summer and was keen to return to see his old friend, this summer’s Spanish resident Daniel Munoz.

Brandishing a fine selection of chorizo and pueblo tobacco as gifts Suso arrived into Aberdeen to warm sunshine and no baggage thanks to a rushed connection between Madrid and Amsterdam. It has been a busy year for Suso so far with a major retrospective of his work – ‘ONe Line’ having just closed  at Centro de Arte Tomás y Valiente, so he was glad to be able to spend a few weeks relaxing back in Dufftown and see how his works form last summer were holding up.  In addition to providing an extra pair of hands to Daniel whose work down on the Dufftown Keith railway continues, Suso was able make more documentation of his existing work while creating one or two new film works along the way. Of course there was also time brush up on his dancing skills at the weekly ceilidh. One other ongoing aspect of Suso’s 2014 residency is the agreed dispersal of a number of cask ends carrying his work around Scotland in random often remote locations. So far six of these works have been located between the Scottish Borders and the Outer Hebrides. So if you’re out and about, keep your eyes peeled!