31 July 2015

Not surprisingly for a family company we always encourage our resident artists to have friends and family visit while at Glenfiddich.  So joining Seok Hyun for the last few weeks of his stay were his wife Hukaka and son, Jimu. By good timing they arrived just as the plans for the sitting of Seok Hyun’s work were being finalised and so in true William Grant spirit they were quickly pressed into service on the project.

With final design finalised the chosen location for Seok Hyun’s latest incarnation of the Reverse – Rebirth project, (an ongoing series of sculptural works constructed from recycled discarded timber) was the grass bank at the back of our visitor centre car park within sight of the gallery. This line of sight was important as Seok Hyun’s also plans a time lapse photography documentation of the work over its lifetime.

With a good stock of recycled timber de-nailed and coated with a preservative the next job was to provide the work with a strong back bone.  This required the hand digging of two deep holes to give a firm footing to the work which was to take the form of twin twisted trees. As the outline of the works became clearer it conjured up in the minds of many observers a resemblance to a pair of antlers, which of course is quite appropriate for Glenfiddich.