1 November 2014


It’s Halloween and the spirits on the loose! There are reports that strange apparitions, ghostly faces and figures have appeared in shadows of some of the quieter corners not far from The Glenfiddich Distillery.

The decommisioned Convalmore Distillery is now part of The Glenfiddich site. Silent since the 1980s it's warehouses now provide valubale maturation space for our spirit. It is a place with its own unique atmposhere with some seldom visited parts. Even on a sunny day its dark late Victorian architecture can seem to loom menacingly above you. you can almost sense the passage of time there it is  even imparted onto the very fabric of the distillery its self And within this mottled patina  if you look very carefully you will discover merged into it the handy work of another party.

As well as working extensively on his Water Motion project, Suso spent his last month surreptitiously making his mark in other ways. Using a technique of augmentation that combines sympathetic cleaning and aerosol paint to transform the surfaces of walls and doors into new imagined landscapes.

Over the seasons time will eventually wipe the canvas clean but for now these subtle interventions are a fitting momento of Suso’s creative spirit.