The noodles have landed

6 May 2014

Just as the artists arrive for the summer so do their boxes of shipped supplies. While Trevor and Rhonda brought some materials with them, Joyce elected to ship hers over from Taiwan. Including the obligatory big box load of noodles and other dried exotic goodies.

Joyce, who makes the grand claim to be 'as good, if not better a cook than Agi Chen' (our 2013 Taiwanese resident) can now have her culinary skills put to the test. Although she admits last nights micro waved rice was pretty awful. 
Now that she is saved from starvation in Scotland Joyce has been sourcing local materials in the shape of these cask ends. With the best cask ends selected, the first task of making sure they stay in one piece with out the body of the cask holding them together has begun. Once secured these cask ends will provide a base for the series of paintings and text pieces Joyce plans over her residency.

Meanwhile over in the home of the Toronto toasted BLT... Rhonda and Trevor are settling in to quiet country living. In between planning the coin making workshops and getting creeped out by late night horror films, they are also starting to get to grips with their chosen materials of copper foil and thin wood veneer. 

Again there is a local angle to the materials as they plan to make the veneer by using shaved curls of cask stave shavings. The very same ones left over from last years Glenfiddich Christmas angel wings.