4 June 2016

Another day , another trip down to Aberdeen airport. This time our latest arrival is Min Joon Park from  Korea. So far this year each artist has been welcomed to Scotland with some very pleasant weather however Joon arrived to overcast skies and falling drizzle. This was not too much of a disappointment for Joon though as his home is Jeju, an island to the south of Korea. In fact the soggy Scottish summer was very familiar to him in his homeland. However home for the next few months will be a farm house by The Glenfiddich Distillery and Joon wasted no time in settling in and setting his studio up ready for work.

Having received the B.F.A. and  M.F.A. painting degree from the Hoingik University in Seoul, Korea, Joon then went on to complete a research course of Oil Painting Materials and Techniques Dept in Tokyo National University of Fine Arts. His work focuses on three main subjects: life, death, and eternity forming  a foundation to all his work, each with its own specific unique story. These stories are based on Greek, Roman, Egyptian mythologies, religious stories, and Eastern philosophy. However, Joon does not limit his thoughts to a particular philosophy. Rather his work depicts stories of human being in current time, nation and generation As a painter Joon is influenced and inspired by the likes of Da Vinci, his exquisite works flit between realism and a surrealist world of fantasy and clearly display his application of  European styles filtered though his own Korean style.

His work projects two different points of view. They become realistic when seen through a traditional point of view. Yet also looks enlightened when seen through a contemporary reading.