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3 Tips for a Summertime Dram

7 August 2015

The warming, rich flavor of Glenfiddich Single Malt Scotch Whisky may not be first in your mind when you think of a summer drink, but we’re here to let you know that a glass of Glenfiddich is perfect no matter the time of year. During the warm weather months, try these tips to bring out the unique freshness and distinctive fruitiness of our range – creating a crisp, refreshing summer dram.

Remain Cool

We realize that placing ice in Scotch is controversial,however with weather so warm you might discover that a chilled serving will unlock different tasting notes. To chill your dram without watering it down quickly, add a slow-melting ice sphere. The reduced surface area of the sphere, compared to a cube, slows down melting time, reducing the dilution of your dram.

Fresh and fruity

and is well­suited for those who enjoy spiced spirits, like rum or bourbon.

For those seeking to avoid dilution altogether, incorporating frozen fruit is an exquisite way to lower the temperature of your Glenfiddich without diluting it. Try a frozen pear slice with our 12 Year Old or a frozen apple slice with our 18 Year Old to accentuate the distinctive fruity flavors of those liquids. 


Use simple additions to elevate a dram of Glenfiddich. Add refreshing garnishes to your pour, like a brandied cherry or an orange twist to bring out fresh and fruity notes.