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Life as a Glenfiddich Ambassador - The Art of Balance

17 December 2015

As one of the newest additions to the Glenfiddich Ambassadors Team, I have spent much of the last six months juggling a myriad of new lessons and experiences.  

Between learning how to simply survive the traveling, I have devoted numerous hours to: cultivating my presentations, forming a deep understanding and respect for the culture of William Grant & Sons and gleefully imagining all of incredible ways.

I could bring the experience of Glenfiddich to new whisky lovers in the coming year.  Like anyone however, I have struggled with the hardest task that we all face; balance. 

When we talk about balance in our lives, it’s often about making the hard choices between work and family, pushing the boundaries or celebrating the status quo, chasing the dream or reveling in the contentment of the ordinary day. It’s the never-ending daily tightrope of decision-making.

“Should I miss the big meeting to attend my child’s soccer game?”  

“Do we invest in a new car or take that long awaited, but expensive anniversary trip?” 

“This opportunity would take me Singapore, but I finally have the apartment of my dreams! Should I go or stay?”

“Am I truly ready for that level of responsibility?” 

And it goes on and on and on . . . 

Jennifer Wren

When we talk about balance in whisky, it’s the composition in terms of the spirit’s nose and flavor; how well each element compliments the whole and how well they play against each other, exciting the palate in unexpected ways.  When it comes to crafting Glenfiddich Scotch, the balance comes from carefully cultivating the whisky’s luscious signature fruitiness while gently encouraging the more subtle aspects of vanilla, spice, and oak. When envisioning Glenfiddich’s direction, the challenge of balance comes from an imperative desire to honor an incredible and rich tradition of fine Speyside whisky making and the drive to push the limits of innovation, progress and technology as we bring “finest dram in the valley” into the future. 

At this time of year, with its holiday parties, family get-togethers, end of season deadlines and endless decisions, the desire to take a step back and just get away from it all can be overwhelming. Achieving any sort of “balance” can be a very hard thing.  Regardless, through my work with Glenfiddich, I have observed that both the push and the pull are intrinsically necessary for happiness and success. The ultimate goal of enjoying a life rich with both tranquility and possibility is not from the perfection of balance, but from the dogged daily commitment to it, one drop at a time.

I see this dedication in every single member of the Glenfiddich family and it inspires me. Within the struggle lies the joy. Within the glass lies the result.

That being said, I wish you the quietest and coziest of holiday evenings, snuggled up with a fine Glenfiddich Toddy (recipe below), dreaming of all the wonderful opportunities life has given you and that never-ending, but joyful to-do list dancing in your head. Let me know how it goes at @GlenfiddichWren

Slàinte Mhath!


The Signature Toddy


- 1 1/2 parts Glenfiddich 12 Year Old Signature Malt

- 1/2 parts honey syrup *

- Lemon wedge

- 1 1/2 parts hot water

- Cinnamon stick, cloves, to garnish

- 1-inch round of orange peel, to garnish

*Honey syrup is honey cut with equal parts hot water


- Combine Glenfiddich 12 Year Old Signature Malt, honey syrup, and the juice of one lemon wedge in a glass. 

- Add hot water.

- Garnish with one cinnamon stick, and orange peel studded with cloves.


Jennifer Wren

Glenfiddich Ambassador for West Coast