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Stanislava Pinchuk

Stanislava Pinchuk


Stanislava Pinchuk is an artist working in data mapping topographies. Her work focuses particularly on the plotting the changing countours of land in conflict & war zones – beginning with the Ukrainian civil war, as well as working in the Fukushima & Chernobyl Nuclear Exclusion Zones over the last year. Her works are completed by hammering consecutive pin-holes into large sheets of white paper, carving an image that's closer to sculptural practice than a drawing one. The works are mapped using textiles – which, doubled with the technique, echo a history of women privately mapping conflict through fabrics, weavings & embroideries.

Stanislava's practice also extends into installation & photography work, as well as into working with textiles in collaboration with fashion clients – and also into tattooing. Past clients and collaborators include Chanel, the National Gallery of Australia, Tiffany & Co, La Chambre Graphique Paris, Vogue, Fast Company New York, Adidas & i-D Magazine.

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