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Wang Te Yu portrait

Wang Te-Yu


Wang Te-Yu, born in Hsin Chu, Taiwan. She graduated with a BFA in Fine Art in 1993 from the National Institute of the Arts and an MA in 2005 from the Taipei National University of the Arts. Wang was a member of the Shin Leh Yuan ‘New Paradise’ Art Space in Taipei, an artist-cooperative gallery founded in 1995.

Wang Te-Yu creates soft sculptural installations with simple shapes and colours in accordance with the space in which they occupy to create a dialogue between object and space. Her works are also interactive and allow the viewer to physically become a part of the art work. The artist’s work seeks to emphasise physical experience over visual interpretation; everything returns to its simplest form. Through her works, the audience is forced to just be with the distorted space created by the artist, where simple colours represent the clean and unpredictable canvases of nature, and the audience must bodily readjust to comprehend the situation.

Wang’s choices of form and material for her works are often based on impressions, memories and imagination. Her idea of ‘man imprisoned by space’ was inspired by a scene in the 1979 horror sci-fi movie Alien, in which the female lead dreamt of an alien creature breaking her belly and climbing out. The realistic image of the tension and tissue of the skin imprinted in her mind and became a core sketch for her works since. Even after years of development in her works, Wang’s latest installations still allude to this one scene.

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