Rural drams

13 September 2016

I’ve been fortunate to share a few drams around the world over the last few years in my role as a Glenfiddich Brand Ambassador, and sometimes the hustle bussle of travel and the great cities of the world can leave you in need of some quiet solitude and of course a dram to enjoy it with. The following recommendations are places i’ve visited that represent ideal dramming locations where the only interruptions you might get are from the local flora and fauna. Let the adventure begin:

5. Ulaan Baator

Ulaan Baator

Certainly the most remote place I ever ventured into for one of our tastings is Ulaan Baator, one of the world’s most remote capital Cities, right in the centre of the Mongolian plateau. Enjoy your dram while you shelter from the icy winds in a yurt, or enjoy it by camel back out in the open tundra! You’re going to need a warming drop of Glenfiddich out here so best to pour yourself and a nice wee measure of Glenfiddich 18, Small Batch Reserve and maybe a piece of dark chocolate which pairs with it beautifully, whatever the weather!

4. Gulangyu


I recently ventured to China for the launch of the Glenfiddich Experience 2016 in Xiamen, a bustling metropolis on the Eastern reaches of Asia. However the intrepid dramster should find a suitably remote spot for a dram on the island of Gulangyu, just off the coast of the great port city, where no cars are allowed and the colonial architecture sets the ideal scene and the so called “Island of Pianos” sets the ideal soundtrack (there’s a lot of pianos, like loads). Pour yourself a dram of the Glenfiddich 38 year old, an exclusive whisky to China, known simply as Ultimate, this whisky is some of the best single malt i have ever tasted.

3. swedish fjords


Every year the Cinderella cruise ship sets sail into the Baltic sea for the annual Cinderella Whisky Fair, for this grand occasion keen whisky sippers navigate through the maze of fjords heading out of Stockholm en route to open waters . The scenery can be arctic but the drams will always warm you up. We launched the Glenfiddich Snow Pheonix on just such a voyage 5 years ago, if you can find some Snow Pheonix today this rare dram is sure to keep you company on the cold waters of the Baltics.

2. The Antipodean south coast


A road trip down the Great Ocean Road of Australia takes you from the heart of Melbourne down into the rugged coastline of the Antipodean south coast. As the waves crash against the famous 12 Apostles try to catch a glimpse of a migrating whales making their graceful way from Antartica to the Great Barrier Reef. Toast the world’s largest mammal with a dram of Glenfiddich 19 Age of Discovery which also pays tribute to the great sea voyages of old.

1. Dufftown



Of course the number one place to enjoy a remote countryside dram is at our distillery itself, hidden away in the north east of Scotland in Speyside, the distillery is a hive of activity set amongst the peaceful countryside of the Scottish highlands. The perfect spot is overlooking the Balvenie Castle at sunset with only the highland cows for company. Of course the quintessential dram for Dufftown is the Glenfiddich 12yr, the whisky which put this little village on the map, enjoy it neat or with a splash of water and enjoy all the complex flavours created in the distillery which sits at the feet of the Balvenie Castle and has done since 1887.

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