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Archive Collection

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Rare, old whisky, sleeping silently. A flavourful record of the moment it was sealed.
A taste of history, waiting to be unlocked.

The Archive Collection is a series of old, classic Glenfiddich casks. Each a letter from the past.

A snapshot of the moment they were filled – a time capsule – the opening of which unlocks a taste of the famous and storied history of the Glenfiddich Distillery.



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The start of a remarkable collection.

1973 Cask

The scent of French polish in an old sweet shop. Layers of woody beeswax join the bright zing of lemon sherbet. A fresh breeze carries a whisper of honeysuckle and sweet fruits from a walled garden, thriving just out of sight.

83 bottles – exclusive to the United Kingdom

ABV 42.9%

RRP £33,500

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1984 Cask

At first warm scent of woody oak, all velvety sweet and smooth. Warm sugar and buttered pastry fill the air with stewed fruits from a tarte tatin. A jar of bitter orange marmalade sits next to sherry, contrasting sweet and dry.

473 bottles – exclusive to China & Taiwan

ABV 52.1%

RRP £4600

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1987 Cask

Casks laid down to celebrate a centenary. distillery character classic and true. initial ripe pear, fresh and green as granny smith apples. a trio of desserts ready to be savoured. delicate spun sugar, crisp fruit salad and slow poached pears, a balance of fresh, sticky, and spiced.

73 bottles – exclusive to the Glenfiddich Distillery Boutique

RRP £3700

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The Archive Collection comprises old and rare family casks, each a time capsule, the opening of which unlocks a moment from Glenfiddich’s past.
  • Barrel
  • Bottle
  • Malt master Brian Kinsman
Good things come to those who wait. And greater treasures come to those who wait longer still.

Laid down long ago, looking to the future. Unrushed slumber, unrepeatable character. An archive of rare beauty, unlocked by you.

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