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Experimental series

The Experimental Series embodies our family philosophy of freedom and possibilities, to create a range of ground-breaking single malts.

Flagship Collection

Each of the single malts in our flagship collection is intriguing and distinctive, with a unique character. Our family has been making Scotch since 1887. It tastes as good now as it did then.

Grand Series

Grand Occasions deserve Grand Celebrations. The Glenfiddich Grand Series celebrates the unexpected marriage of two traditional worlds to take luxury to a new level. With a time-honoured vision, desire and determination to do things differently, Grand is a beautifully disruptive series of single malts that promises to elevate the ordinary to the extraordinary.

Time Reimagined

With this exclusive collection, we re-imagine the notion of time. Each bottle captures a distinct facet of this ever-present life altering intangible

Travel Exclusive

The perpetual collection is a range of whiskies in perpetual motion, within vats that have never been emptied. A whisky that never sits still.