Ding Jie

People's Republic of China

Ding Jie was born in Sichuan Province, China and received her MFA at Qinhua University Art Academy, Beijing, in 2004. Solo shows have included 'New Years and Ding Ding's House', 25000 Cultural Transmission Center, Beijing, and 'Ding Jie Solo Exhibition' at Qinghua University Art Academy Exhibition Hall. Other work has been shown at the Nanjing Museum and Beijing National Gallery.

"As well as using some of my time to develop and perfect my technique of pencil drawing, I have also created an installation at Balvenie Castle, which overlooks The Glenfiddich Distillery. For this, my idea of creation is based on the two side of an entity. Things always have two surfaces, but because of the localisation of time what we can see is only one surface. Even as hundreds of years ago, the people of that time could not see hollowness of the ruined castle as it is today, the visitors of today can not see yesteryear's prosperity.

"I have established a scene called "Du Futang - the Spring and Autumn Period". In this scene the past and the present of the castle will be superimposed together. A dreamland castle with the reality castle both existing in identical time. To let it be both ancient and uncultivated, but at the same time also youthful and inhabited. With red silk hanging down like the rivers from the windows to the ground, it is like in a fairytale where the Prince has to climb up via the silk to visit the Princess inside." Ding Jie 24/9/07