Godfrey Majadibodu

South Africa

From Johannesburg, Godfrey has participated in a number of international exhibitions including Holland Afro Vibes in 2004. He also starred 10th Democracy Celebrations in his homeland the previous year as well as many other influential exhibitions. Drawing on his keenly observed experiences of everyday life, Godfrey has produced a number of paintings and sketches depicting the colour, vibrancy and dynamic activity that occurs at the Glenfiddich distillery over the summer.

"One of the main sources of inspiration for me during the residency has been the on-site cooperage. As a practical man, I was quickly attracted to this skilled and physical operation. Drawing from the hands-on experience I gained working along side the Glenfiddich coopers, I have used a cask as my canvas in some pieces, as well as constructing from cask staves my own easel. It was on this easel that I worked on my study of the coopers labour, Busy as Usual." Godfrey Majadibodu 5/6/07