John Kenny

United Kingdom

Professor at the Guildhall School of Music and Drama, London and the Royal Scottish Academy of Music and Drama and an Associate of the Royal Academy of Music, John is internationally recognised for his interpretation of contemporary music. John is particularly active in collaborations with dance and theatre and a regular performer of jazz and early music. During his residency, John created music both transient and permanent, with composition on paper that can be reproduced by other interpreters, as well as a number of recorded pieces. John will be the last of our artists to leave late in the Autumn.

"The 'materials' necessary for my art are performing musicians, recording engineers, film makers - the composing of music is a solitary, intellectual activity, but its realisation is a dynamic human interaction. Whereas a visual artwork must be displayed, and is generally both static and lasting, music is transient unless it is recorded - and to be recorded, it must first be performed.

"Obviously, since this is the first residency for a musician there is no prior model. However, the experience so far is that my own presence and working at Dufftown, and interaction with the distillery and fellow artists, has both built upon the excellent model for visual artists and has also enabled me to function in all my varied capacities as an artist: composer, performer, teacher and lecturer. I feel honoured, and also extremely grateful for the opportunity to work here, and I can state categorically that I have worked at an uninterrupted intensity that would not have been possible under other circumstances in my generally hectic and pressured life. At the same time, I have benefited enormously from the beauty and tranquillity of the environment - this has been an experience that I will treasure, and it has also been of great benefit to fellow artists who have already, and who will in months to come, collaborate with me here at Glenfiddich." John Kenny 17/6/07


Music written & recorded in Dufftown 19-23 June 2007

John Kenny: trombone, carnyx, shells, stones
Jim Brook: electric guitar, recording engineer

Track 1 - Trombone solo 1
Track 2 - Guitar solo
Track 3 - Trombone solo 2
Track 4 - Guitar & trombone duo 1
Track 5 - Trombone duo
Track 6 - Guitar & trombone duo 2
Track 7 - Trio Tutti
Track 8 - Observations of an Alien

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