Luis Bisbe


Originally from Malaga, but now based in Barcelona where he obtained a degree in fine arts, Luis has completed a number of international residencies. He has also exhibited in as far of places as Peru, Japan and Brazil. His interests are in work that is inspired by space and the architectural environment of his surrounding - very relevant when you consider William Grant built the Glenfiddich Distillery with his own hands!

"Intrusion is a site-specific project specifically created for placement in the Glenfiddich Warehouse Nº8. The barrel in this project will be filled with new spirit and placed in the Warehouse to mature alongside the regularly produced Scotch whisky barrels for approximately 12 years. Intrusion forces the otherwise fortuitous meeting between two common objects and fuses them together to substantially alter each object's original function. To be classified as a Scotch whisky, the barrel used to mature the whisky must not be intruded upon in any way. Even though the broom and the barrel are both made of American oak, the spirit inside this barrel can no longer qualify as 'Scotch'. Conversely, the broom, because it is enveloped by a barrel, can no longer qualify as a 'broom'." Luis Bisbe 21/6/07

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