Yao Jui Chung


Born in Taipei in 1969, Yao obtained his degree from National Institute of The Arts (Taipei) in Art Theory. His passport has been well stamped, having represented his homeland at Venice Biennale, the International Triennale of Contemporary Art Yokohama, Headland Center for the Arts, San Francisco, Gasworks Studio, London, and ISCP, New York. His talents also cover theatre, movie, art history, art critique and curatorship. As well as producing a number of 'Golden Drawings' that blend traditional Chinese imagery with a particularly Scottish element, Yao is also making a photographic study of the natural environment around the distillery for inclusion in a major work planned for his return to Taiwan. He is also making notes for a book to be published in 2008 detailing his travel experiences.

"This residency has given me a valued opportunity to indulge in one of my simple pleasures: drawing. The 'wonderful' series of drawings that I have produced during this time employ the same materials of pen ink and gold leaf as similar works from my past (The Cynic and Cynic Republic) Whereas those works are comments on social and political absurdity 'wonderful' is more reflective of the environment and experience I found at the Glenfiddich distillery and are dedications to my beloved masters of past artistic tradition. The tranquility and creative space this residency provided has allowed me to work uninterrupted by the stresses of my everyday life in Taiwan." Yao Jui-chung 30/08/07

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