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Qi Xing

People's Republic of China

Born in Tangshan, Hebei Province P.R.China in 1982, Qi Xing went on to graduate from the Oil Painting Department of Beijing Central Academy Fine Arts in 2005. Recent group exhibitions have seen his work displayed across China as well as Taiwan and North America. As a realistic painter he employs traditional methods to depict the constant universals of human existence, birth, death, life and hope. Qi Xing firmly believes that the ancient practice of painting is still a more than adequate media in which the modern human experience can be expressed. With a strong interest in the environment and an awareness of social changes occurring in his home land, Qi welcomes the opportunity to travel to Scotland and experience the differences in culture and landscape while seeking to capture in his paintings the subtle seasonal transitions between summer and autumn. He also aims to create works which weave together Scotch whisky, man and nature