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Zhang Qing

People's Republic of China

"For people living in overcrowded cities, the luxury of downy grass, an abundance of wildlife and whisky in the air seems like a reverie." 

Born in 1977, Changzhou, China, Zhang Qing graduated from Changzhou Institute of Technology in 1999. He has shown work in a number of exhibitions including his latest sol o show 'Frame', BizArt Centre, Shanghai, 2007. As a body of work, Zhang Qing's output offers an alternate universe, running parallel to the wide range of themes and trends that have swept through art in China in recent years whilst presenting a distinct sensibility that has largely gone undiscovered. In past years Zhang has experimented with different motifs and styles, dabbled in gender-bending photography, endurance-performance, conception-performance and digital photography. In his recent work, Zhang has developed a sophisticated videographic language he adopts various mediums and techniques to express distinct concepts and thoughts of art.

For his time at Glenfiddich, Zhang Qing wishes to create a short film in which the life of 'the perfect employee' will be depicted. Through the use of CCTV cameras, Zhang wishes to record the footage from a neutral perspective.