su chang

Su Chang


As an artist based in Shanghai, Su Chang has not only the unusual sensitivity towards the changes in the environment around him, but a sober mind and the emotions of an intellectual that distinguishes him from his age. Facing the city that he is living in, familiar but strange, he keeps asking himself how to see this creature mingled with varieties of cultures, and furthermore, by what means one shall review his or her daily life without anxieties.
Su Chang is keen on having the aesthetic experience from the plain as well the normal, so he chooses things in his surroundings that are mostly unnoticed, through careful observation and in the right moment, to create what he sees. Among his sculptures there are those that cannot be more familiar in his personal life, the wall at the street corner, grey trees and the stairs covered by mosaic tiles etc. Like recalling the time or the nostalgia to the past, the creative work is exactly the courage and motivation that the artist possesses to face today.

'To me, a sculpture is more than a shape. It's my soul.'

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