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MinJoon Park


MinJoon Park was born in Korea. He received the B.F.A. and M.F.A. painting degree from the Hoingik University in Seoul, Korea, and then completed the research course of Oil Painting Materials and Techniques Dept in Tokyo National University of Fine Arts. His work is based on three main subjects: life, death, and eternity. These three subjects form a foundation to all his work. Each artwork has a specific unique story. These stories are based on Greek, Roman, Egyptian mythologies, religious stories, and Eastern philosophy. However, the artist does not limit his thoughts to a particular philosophy. Rather his work depicts stories of human being in current time, nation and generation. MinJoon’s work can project two different points of view. They become realistic when seen through a traditional point of view. Yet also looks enlightened when seen through a contemporary point of view. In this way MinJoon attempts to address contemporary issues with the craftsmanship of great masters by borderings the line of two very different practice of painting. His recent solo exhibitions include:” Lowering my self-esteem is calmness”, 2003, Gallery Sun & Moon, Seoul, Korea; “Song of the Saza”, 2005, dooArt Gallery, Seoul, Korea; “Happiness, Happiness

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