Sitaram Swain

Sitaram Swain


Sitaram’s engagement with his surroundings reflects in his work. The prominence of the landscape is very much visible in his work though it is not only just a 'landscape' but it lies beyond that. The experience and different aspects have caught into his works in a very dramatic, mysterious way which is poetic, narrative, mythological and sometimes surreal. Sitaram likes to deal with the conscious and subconscious reality and juxtaposition appearance of his painting.

Experiments with different materials and mediums are very challenging to Sitaram and the given works are also done by distinct mediums like water colour, fabrics, and acrylics. Various elements are present in Sitaram’s works and are used as a metaphor of his concept and what he intended to describe through all these.

For Sitaram the act of looking becomes an implicit part of the fascination of imagery. Subverting the expected qualities of painterly rendering, Sitaram inverts an environment where each element adopts attributes opposite to their character. The fictional spaces of intentions expose the architecture of painterly illusion. The rich surfaces contrast geometric shapes of hand edged abstraction with highly rendered decorative details to create an eerie play between flatness and three dimensions.

 There are different arenas of human civilizations, survives, existence are criticized together in my practice. The houses denote the arrangement of human constructed territory. The visual abstractions in the arrangement and overlapping layers of imageries are the interpretations of human beliefs and myths into that particular space.

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