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Helen Cho


"The goal of the workshop is not about producing good art/craftwork but to enjoy the idea of, and the experience of making something"

Born 1969, Youngwall, South Korea, Helen Cho moved to Canada in 1982. She now lives and works in Berlin, Germany. The award-winning installation artist studied at Ontario College of Art & Design, before attending Goldsmiths University in London. Since then Cho has worked with a diverse range of mediums from ball point pens to textiles. Her artworks explore disparate elements encountered in daily life such as everyday objects, prosaic thoughts and film images that are bound together in fateful collisions on an unexpected surface unbound by time, place or space. Notions of make-believe and facts intertwine, chronologies of history are upset, and objects of fiction co-exist in the same space as real objects.

For her time at Glenfiddich, Cho has set up a workshop inviting communities surrounding the distillery to share a part of her artistic practice. Using sewing, a technique pursued by both artists and hobbyists, each participant of the workshop produced his/her own art/craftwork based on a concatenation design by Leonardo da Vinci.