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Erick Meyenberg


Erick Meyenberg was born in Mexico City. His work is grounded in research that uses the tools of history, science and language. History provides extensive inspiring source material in which to insert his aesthetic plans. A sense of place is an equally important influence through the natural and social landscape, the architecture, light and monuments of any given location.

In recent years, both in Mexico and in other countries, Meyenberg’s research has been mainly the result of museum commissions. These commissions allow for the creation of projects based on research into specific places, providing an environment to develop projects that activate determined and precise contexts. Such projects are characterised by seriousness and depth in the research and are consolidated in diverse aesthetic experiences through the use of a wide range of media.

A graduate of the Escuela Nacional de Artes Plásticas (ENAP) of the UNAM, Meyenberg’s light/audio instillations have been shown widely across Mexico. Meyenberg has also studied and exhibited in Berlin.

‘For me it would be fundamental to have the opportunity to experience the landscape as the natural context where the distillery is located. The technological advances that it has developed strike me as one of the essential materials for understanding the community. The idea of contrasting my experience of Mexico City is also very suggestive – a completely urbanised environment – versus the landscape surrounding the distillery. 

The space suggests the use of the natural conditions, the influence of sunlight, the architecture of the place and the possible creation of conceptual maps of color, which recount the history, the flora, and fauna of the place in relation to the modernisation processes. Under that last premise it would be interesting to observe the changes that the installation of the distillery has caused through the years.’

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