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Marie Von Heyl

United Kingdom

Marie von Heyl (b.1981 in Stuttgart, Germany) studied at Weißensee School of Art in Berlin and the Royal Academy Schools in London. Her work draws from the poetic friction and productive misunderstandings that emerge when different models of reality collide, overlap or do not quite fit together. Of particular relevance are objects that serve as transmitters or mediatiors between different belief systems, including cult objects, fetishes, spiritual or esoteric paraphernalia.

Marie uses drawing, collage, film and text to point at the beautiful, trace the uncanny and tap into the absurd. Her work is a playful dance around things, characterised by formal richness and alchemic interconnetivity. This summer at the Glenfiddich Distillery Marie wants to explore her growing interest in spaces that are designed for no other purpose than patiently passing time (Waiting rooms, bus stops etc). She seeks to understand different experiences of time and how this is manifest in the surroundings of everyday life.

“During my residency I will research further into the field and examine the cultural, scientific and allegoric threads of different notions of time and their spatial manifestations. I see this as being a great opportunity to create a setting that playfully works with these states: the passing of time and the act of waiting.”

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