Yuvan Bothysathuvar


Born in Chennai, Yuvan Bothysathuvar’s career began as a sign board artist producing hoardings for south Indian films and political banners giving him a vast experience in figurative painting. Often having to work with limited resources has seen him develop a practice utilising whatever materials that come to hand ranging from parts of broken bicycles to newspapers and magazines. Over the past few years personal experiences has seen Yuvan move away from his figurative style to a more expressive mode while still retaining the use of recycled materials most especially paper.

“Most part of my work is done with waste paper like from recycled magazines and news paper,  highlighting the importance of recycling and its impact on our environment. My works at Glenfiddich will continue to focus specifically on recycled materials I find at the location, the inspirations which I get through the experience of this new place will inform the concepts of my work”